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The Online School of Work Machines and Machinery (SWMM) is a distance learning school offering written courses, including the basic course which grants the right to training on all work machines requiring certification, as well as the right to take the test to acquire that certification.

The minimum age for taking the course is 16. However, in order to acquire the work machine license, the minimum age is 17. Furthermore, a B-license (general driving license) is required in order to be allowed to operate a work machine outside closed work areas.

The scope of the course is equal to 80 class-hours. Since this is a self-managed course the student must realize that this is a large course which takes time, and plan and act accordingly. The price of the course is ISK 70.000 and must be paid before the course commences. According to AOSH (Vinnueftirlitið) rules, the student must complete the course within 60 days.

The course is mainly education for prospective work machine operators and includes, among other things, rights and obligations of employees and employers, safety rules and safety equipment, use of various work machines and heavy equipment, mechanics, hydraulics, and various other issues pertaining to the work of machine operators.

The course concludes with a written exam (multiple choice) at the Online School of Work Machines and Machinery (SWMM). To request an exam date and time, please send an email to the following address: The message must include your ID number, name, and phone number. You will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Written exams are held in Reykjavík and in Selfoss.

The completion of the exam grants rights to start applied training on a machine under the supervision of an instructor. Upon completion of the applied training, a practical exam must be completed at the work place where the training took place. 

A practical exam must be ordered at the AOSH.

Click here to see an English translation of a brochure from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration with useful information

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